POC Completed & Test Flights Begin!

We're excited to announce that test flights of our 10% M300 X5c are off to a great start! Please enjoy this compilation of this chassis's first moments off the ground. Future test flight videos to come.

Featured Article in the Robb Report Magazine

Selected for an article in the Robb Report, "The leading voice in the global luxury market,"
increasing project awareness.


Named Top 5 VTOLStartup for 2020

Out of over 400 contenders, we were named Top 5 VTOL Startup for our progress & innovation, specifically noting our enclosed rotor patents.


Profile in World eVTOL Aircraft Directory

We've been added to the World eVTOL Aircraft Directory, hosted by the Vertical Flight Society. Check out the writeup on our M400 platform!


Safety in Transition

Dedicated lift and forward thrust systems maximize safety and reliability for transition between vertical and forward flight.

Fully-Enclosed Lift System

Our patented VTOL aircraft configuration features embedded lift rotors contained within integral wing "strakes" to eliminate rotor strike risks in tight landing zones.

Balanced Rotor Placement

Our patents dictate using an even number of lift rotors about the aircraft center of gravity, which provides additional fail safe modes in case of individual rotor failure.

Fixed Wing Behaviors

As a fixed-wing aircraft, our patented vtol aircraft offers normal flight behavior and efficiencies and the added flexibility of VTOL capabilities.

Patented, Validated, and Practical.

The VOX Aircraft™ patented VTOL aircraft technology comes from years of testing and improvement, surrounding one simple concept; increasing safety and convenience for the passenger.

Two separate propulsion systems for increased safety & reliability.

By eliminating the "transition" period from our VTOL process, and integrating an even number of lift rotors within a strake wing design, VOX Aircraft is a pioneer in reliable VTOL operation of tomorrow, available to you today.

Gearbox & Driveshaft System

Counter-Rotating Rotors for Stability

Each Engine can Power Entire System

Completely Enclosed Drive System

Historical Milestones

The VOX aircraft technology is the culmination of years of hard work, testing, and proof-of-concepts. Check out our timeline to browse the milestones and triumphs of our journey.

View the Milestones

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